The weather was warm early this year so some people got a jump on this, but for those of you just getting to your summer home or cabin, it's time to get it in shape.

Obviously, you will pack the car with water fun things, like floaties, and other water toys. cleaning supplies, tools, and many bags of chips and other food you will store in a dry place or a cupboard.

Bring a rake and things like that too, it's been winter and the snow and ice may have changed the landscape or there might be some leaves and other debris that need to be raked and picked up.

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Here are some things I think you should do to get it ready for the summer months to be able to enjoy it right when you get there next time. In other words, you will have to do a little work to have it ready so you can pull up and just make a few adjustments.

  1. Sweep-This one is a given. You will have to sweep out all the dirt and cobwebs. Things settle and sometimes they get dirty.
  2. Clean-This one is a no-brainer as well. If your cabin has a bathroom, it will need to be cleaned, and the sings and stoves. Wouldn't be a bad idea to clean out the cabinets, dishes, and pots and pans.
  3. Look at heat/cooling systems. This may need to be cleaned out too. Good idea to run it a little to get the dusty air out and run some clean air in.
  4. Open and wash the window. You can let in some clean air and clean any dirt or other things that may be on the windows.
  5. Put out or level the dock-Some people take in their docks at the end of the season, you will have to put it out, or just do some light maintenance on the dock to have it ready.
  6. Put the boat in the water might require you to start the motor. Some people will put their boats in the water and take it for a run. Many people just have a little rowboat. You can put it in the water or just bring it down to the shore. Time to put the rafts in too.
  7. Wash and or organize towels and other things used during the summer like wash cloths or dish washcloths.
  8. Check and clean pest traps-mouse traps, ant traps, fly know what I'm talking about. Clean them out, put new ones in or just deal with the ones you have.
  9. Get the fridge running-it's been off all winter long. Turn it on, close the door and let it get cold and get some food in it. Start making ice too.
  10. Check smoke detectors and other items that require batteries, like flash lights, and other electronic equipment. Turn on the TV check all the remotes and other items.
  11. Make sure the grill is safe and all the grill items are ready to go. Like charcoal, lighter fluid, and have some lighters and matches ready to go in the house.

Doing the little things the first time you get there will help you to have fun and be safe. Any things on the list we missed?

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