"Thoughts and prayers" has become as much a part of the lexicon as "trigger warning," "LOL" and "selfie."

Whenever a tragedy happens -- and they seem to happen more and more, right? -- people run to their various social media platforms to let the world know that they are thinking of the victims, thereby letting everyone know that they're good people in a way that calls attention to them, when, in reality, the focus should be on those grappling in the aftermath of a disaster.

This funny and timely video introduces us to TP, the Thought and Prayers app, which automatically posts your words of concern on social media after something horrible takes place. It's a way to make you feel like you're doing something, when, in fact, you're doing nothing at all.

As this faux ad reminds us, "Finally, a way to help that also helps me." Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who think this is mean and don't understand it's actually just a clever and timely parody.

The "thoughts and prayers" trend is something that others have mocked, too (note the NSFW language).

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