I went to see the new M. Night Shyamalan movie called "OLD". A thriller about accelerated aging.

My Aunt and I went to this movie. We went to 'Sixth Sense", "Signs", and "The Village" together. Loved SIXTH SENSE, and SIGNS, not so much with THE VILLAGE.  We saw the ending for THE VILLAGE coming at the beginning of the movie so it wasn't a movie we cared for, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. Not like the other two movies.

Then he began a string of really big bombs in our opinion that we didn't go see because even the trailers look crappy. Then, we saw the trailer for THE VISIT and it looked good, so we went to see it and it was terrible. He loves writing movies that have a twist at the end. In this one the story was weak and the twist was even weaker.

Then a string of weak movies again. The trailer for "OLD" came out and it looked pretty good. The reviews were good, my brother and his wife went to see it and he said it was good. So, my Aunt and I made plans to see it.

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This was a bad movie from the word go. The writing was bad, the acting was bad, the pace was slow, and they left you always asking questions during the movie. What's happening now, why are they doing that, I don't understand what's happening. That is what we kept saying. Calling this movie weak is being nice about this movie. It is the worst movie I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few movies.

A family goes on vacation, you can tell it is uncomfortable in the beginning. After a discussion between the husband and wife, there is something they are going to tell the kids after the vacation, but you don't know what. The next day they are offered a trip to a private beach, they take it. Turns out they are joined by others.

When they get there, a man is there, by himself already. You know a girl went swimming because you saw her disrobe and get in the water. The little boy finds her body floating later in the water. Then a series of things start happening and one by one people are dying.

Also, the children are aging fast. In a couple of hours they go from single digit ages to 20, the 30s, then in their 50s. You don't know why you think it's because they ate the food the hotel sent with them. The story is never really laid out, all you know is they can't leave and they are aging.

Only the original boy and girl, now age 50 something or older, are left. They figure a way off the beach. Then it's all really unbelievable. I implore you not to see this movie.

Here is what my Aunt had to say about the movie:

I don't know whether to demand my money back, or offer to pay M. Night Shyamalan not to make any more movies. Tragically, his movies just keep going downhill. Yes, M Night, we like a twist at the end. But the story until the end must be compelling and at least plausible. And please M Night, have some decent actors. The way some of these lines were delivered was laughable. I didn't have high hopes that I would love this movie, but I did have hope. Sadly, M Night, you dashed them.

I would also wonder who it was that thought that they should make a movie out of this script, then release the movie after seeing it. He only spent $18 million to make this movie, and you can tell. They didn't spend much on sets, or actors, in my opinion.

I would tell you I give it a -50 out of 10, it is so bad that garbage would score an 8 out of 10 with me. This is worse than garbage. I hope he comes up with something better for the next film because I may be done with him.

Here's the trailer for the movie:

And another:

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