Just typing this out makes me hungry! A new study just dropped and it is naming the favorite Thanksgiving side dish of each and every state.

Zippia put together the study using Google Trends to come to the delicious conclusion. There are many amazing side dishes when it comes to the holiday so narrowing it down is no easy feat. Twenty different side dishes were part of the study.

So which Thanksgiving side dish is the favorite of Minnesota? That would be mashed potatoes. I have to agree - this is one of the best side dishes, if not the best, when it comes to a Thanksgiving feast.

As for Wisconsin, it seems they think the exact same thing! Mashed potatoes are the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in the state. It looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin have something in common!

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It looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin aren't alone. Mashed potatoes were far and above the favorite side dish for a good handful of states across the country. In fact, it is the favorite of about ten states, including North Dakota and Montana.

Mac and cheese came in at number two in terms of side dish popularity, taking the top spot for seven different states. I didn't know that mac and cheese was considered a Thanksgiving side dish at all so this is news to me.

Maine likes side salads the best and that is by far the strangest part of this entire study. Ha! Other popular favorites to make the list include stuffing, cranberry sauce and biscuits. I am surprised stuffing didn't come out on top but either way, I am hungry.

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