Any good Northlander will tell you that attitude is (more than) half the battle when it comes to surviving winter; the better your attitude - the less likely you are to let the cold and snow fatigue your spirit.  Most people summarize it as "embracing winter".

For some, that embrace of the winter season comes with a lot of time spent indoors.  Many use the winter months as their chance to accomplish do-it-yourself projects (remodeling and renovations); others might bake or try new recipes. For some, that time spent indoors is also a good chance to read a book, find and binge a new television show, catch up on movies, or even research their family tree.

Perhaps, though the people who do best in our cold and snowy winters here in the Northland are those who find outdoor activities to pass the time.  Skiing, hiking, skating, snow shoeing, ice fishing - there are plenty of great activities to take part in. One of those outdoor activities - and one that doesn't require a whole lot of physical exertion on your part - is riding snowmobiles.  It probably should come as no surprise that Minnesota is often considered the birthplace of the modern-snowmobile.

Riding a sled on the trail in the winter can be a great way to spend the day (or weekend) with friends and family.  But - like any outdoor winter activity, you need to think ahead and be prepared for any calamity that might spring up.

Below you'll find a list of some items you might not thought of bringing along with you for a snowmobile ride.  Some of these items might seem like common sense and others might come across a good suggestions.

Things To Consider Packing For A Snowmobile Trip

Sure - you've covered the basics: Hats, gloves, jackets, boots. But there are plenty of other items that you should consider packing for the snowmobile trail - from the necessities to 'creature comforts'.

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