'Tis the season for corn mazes!  As soon as the air turns crisp and the leaves start to change their color, families of all ages start to rush to the neighborhood corn maze for an afternoon (or evening) of fun.  It's not surprise that a wide-variety of these corn maze/pumpkin patch attractions have sprung up in recent years; they provide fun for all ages while offering the farmer/owner a chance to derive a little non-traditional revenue.

Chances are you've been through a corn maze.  And even if you're walking it with a bunch of people, by their nature the mazes allow for reflection and thinking.

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So what are people thinking about while they're walking through a corn maze?  In addition to everyday thoughts they might have, chances are they start to reflect on the corn maze itself.  Here is a collection of what some of those thoughts/questions might be:

Things People Think While Going Through A Corn Maze

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