The Northland is a special place no matter what the season.  We rave about our inviting spring months, the sunny summer, the beautiful fall, and we even love to tell others about how nice winter is.  Whether it's by choice or out of desperation, we've come to accept the cold and snow as part of living in this region.  Hey - it keeps the "riff raff out" as many like to say.

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Living here and having survived a winter or two in north-eastern Minnesota and north-western Wisconsin, there are certain parts of the season that we are better able to predict and understand.  Sometimes it comes handy for survival and other times it just impresses the visitors.

There are lots of facts about winter time that surprise someone who doesn't live here.  Thunder snow.  Ice fishing.  Block heaters.  Here are a few more:

Things Northlanders Know About Winter

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