You can bet on anything nowadays. So, if you did, what did you make money on for the Super Bowl?

Here are real bets people could place by the website BookMaker.

Who is the first person the winning QB thanks in their on-field post-game interview? (CBS Broadcast)
God +800
Wife/Family +160 Tom Brady said it. Winner!!
Teammates -160Coach +700
Fans +800
Any other +1300

Will Brady lead NE from behind in the 4th quarter/overtime to win?
Yes +400 He did it!! Winner!!
No -650

Number of overturned challenges?
Over 1 +155
Under 1 -200

Will a play that Tony Romo predicts result in a touchdown?
Yes +200 He said Patriots should run the ball, they were running it well!! Winner
No -280

Will Kylie Jenner appear on camera? (Must be during CBS live broadcast. Halftime show DOES count. From Kick off until game completion)
Yes +155
No -200 Never did....Winnner!!

Will Travis Scott be shirtless at any moment during the halftime show?
Yes +1000
No -2500 Never Happened, Winner!!

Will Adam Levine be shirtless at any moment during the half time show?
Yes +2000 He took off many layers last night, including the shirt, Winner!!!
No -7000

Will a SpongeBob inflatable or costume be used during the halftime show?
Yes +500
No -700 Spongebob cartoon did, I never saw that coming!!

Will Gladys Knight forget or omit any words during the National Anthem?
Yes +155
No -200 She is a professional, I would have bet this!! Winner

What will be the first song Maroon 5 plays during the halftime show?
Moves Like Jagger +600
Girls Like You +600
One More Night +200
Payphone +900
Sunday Morning +900
This Love +1800 Winner
She Will Be Loved +1500
Sugar +550
Don’t Wanna Know +800
Field +700

I think next year I might have to make a bet. Some of these were no-brainers.


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