There are good Moms and bad Moms, but just because you are a well liked or good celebrity doesn't transfer to being a good Mom. These Moms make my list because they are bad people or their kids are unable to deal with reality. They are in no particular order, and shouldn't accept the blame by themselves, there were bad Dads too.

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Dina Lohan.....yep, you knew she was going to make the list. C'mon, Dina Lohan is bad at parenting. According to yourtango She went clubbing with her minor daughter. She rode her daughter's fame to her own reality show, in which she exploited her other children. She refuses to acknowledge that Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem, even after two DUIs. She appears drunk on a talk show about her daughter and tries to show a sunny side to Hurricane Lindsay.



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Kris Jenner-she has a stripper pole in her bedroom and filmed her kids learning to use it. She took a pic of herself with a nip slip in a Halloween costume. Posed nude, named all of her daughters with a k......hopefully their middle name isn't a k, or that might say something else. She even helped peddle a porn tape of her daughter. Really? She said as a Mother, I wanted to kill her, as a manager, I knew I could get top dollar.



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Joan Crawford was the bad mother to which all bad mothers should aspire. According to her daughter Christina's 1978 memoir, Mommie Dearest, Joan treated her adopted children more as pets or props than kids, including staging Christmases for TV cameras. There is a good example of a good Mom in public, bad Mom in private.




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Courtney Love-She has admitted that she used heroin while pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain. By the way, Frances also has a restraining order against her mother, who's been acting increasingly erratically lately even as she's released a new album and is attempting to jump-start her music career. I can't say honestly if she would have a hit song if Kurt Cobain had not died or become famous on his own. Watch the movie Sid and Nancy, see if she memorized the whole movie.  You think your mom picking you up from school in her pajamas is hard to deal with, try looking over Courtney's resume of arrests and pictures on the internet. Then there's Courtney taking off her shirt for a 3 song run at one of he concerts, yeah, there's one to show your friends.


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One Mom that is building her Bad resume is Tan Mom, but I think she'll go away before anyone figures out who she really is.