The new Maritime Improv Crew have set up shop and perform once a month at Fitgers, and they invite you to their next show.

I talked to longtime friend Sharon Obst and she is a veteran performer and tells me she has become involved in this new venture.

Sharon told me she is having fun and it's a good mix of people. They do long-form improv and only once a month.

You can see this group perform at the Spirit of the North Theater at Fitgers. Fitger’s Spirit of the North Theater located on the 3rd floor of the complex. Cost of the show is quite affordable, if you get in on the early bird price you can go for $10, otherwise, it's only $15 for adults and students and seniors enjoy $10 anytime.

The shows are PG-13 so you can bring the whole family and not have to worry about an F-bomb showing up or adult-themed shows making the night uncomfortable.

The Next show is August 3rd, which is a Saturday. Being called "More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys".
TICKETS & INFO: Call (218) 340-5164 or email

The next shows are Friday, Sept 6, Friday, Oct 4th, Saturday, Nov 2nd, and Friday Dec 6th.

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