The four-year-old boy that fell into the gorilla exhibit would be a nightmare for anyone, but the fact remains it's the parents ultimate fault.

I see many of the videos that were shot and how many people feel that the gorilla was simply protecting the boy. I say not so, the boy was dragged side to side and was dragged  underwater, and it’s strange how most news reports never showed that whole part of the video. The news only seems to show the gorilla to be helping the child. The video I watched had the Gorilla dragging the boy underwater from one side to the other and only stopped when he was startled by all the screams of the people watching this horrific action happening.

Many activists said they should have simply tranquilized the beast. How does an animal react when it is shot? Do they simply lay down quickly? No, and it can take up to 10 minutes for the sedative to work. Now you have a 450 pound gorilla scared, shot and has a strange creature in his enclosure.

Go online and see for yourself. Here is Jack Hanna’s interview on this terrible tragic event.