In an article published on the KOOL website stating there isn't a 2019 tour this year because it was hard to get a permit, that might not have been the case.

The real reason is being reported by the Duluth News Tribune. They say that there are all kinds of safety violations.

An inspector from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal's Residential Care and Lodging Team issued the order after visiting the facility May 13 in response to a complaint, according to a report obtained by the News Tribune.

St. Louis County owned it and let it go without making any repairs with money they made from Ghost Adventures and other organizations, they sold it to a private company that managed the property. The company continued to operate it and made no upgrades or repairs. Meanwhile, water was getting into the building, paint is peeling off the wall, windows are left open, concrete continues to age, and it continued to fall into disrepair.

I wish that someone had bothered to fix it or at least repair some of it so that the building could continue to be investigated. My feeling is that this building is going to have to be bulldozed and we will only have pictures and memories.

Is there any way it can be fixed?


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