I remember well when I was a kid, Mom would sent be to the corner store to get  bread, milk and things.things. The rule in our house was that Mom always got a big Hershey's bar (forty nine cents), and Ray always got a Nut Goodie (ten cents). If there were a few pennies left, I could get a few one cent bubble gum cards too.

Over time I sort of outgrew Nut Goodies, but Mom always had an ample supply in her fridge, just in case I got the urge.They tasted just as good then as they did when I was little.

Nut Goodie manufactured by Pearson's Candy Company in St. Paul Minnesota, and was introduced in 1912. Made of chocolate, maple, and peanuts, they originally sold for five cents. Nut Goodie went on to become of the companies most successful products and is still available today. At some point during its history the recipe and wrapper were slightly changed, but restored to the original recipe and wrapper when two Pearson's employees bought the company in 1985. The Nut Goodie is known as "A Minnesota Classic".