How do you have a # 2 song in the Top 40, and never sing or play an instrument on it? Here’s the story.

Chris had a great voice, and was well known as a gospel singer in his hometown of Mobile Alabama. Wanting to capitalize on his talent he moved to Philadelphia, shopped himself around, and landed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. He cut three singles for Atlantc, all flops, eventually hooked up with Phil-LA Records,  and released a song called “Love is All Right”. The flip side, (actually the instrumental version of Love is All Right) with Cliff’s vocals purposely left off the track titled “The Horse”. A Florida Dj played the wrong side of the record, and it became so popular it sold over 10,000 copies in less than a week in Tampa alone! Cliff could not play a musical instrument, and his voice was not on the hit record, so Cliff Nobles was not even on “The Horse”, which became the #2 song in America, June 1968!

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