Grandma's Marathon is a huge undertaking, as thousands of volunteers and workers welcome thousands of runners and spectators from around the world to Duluth. Check out these impressive facts and figures about the 38th annual running of this event.

200,000,000 dollars is the amount of money Grandma's Marathon weekend has generated for the local economy since its inaugural year in 1977.

400,000 cups are used at water stations along the course, delivering nearly 5,000 gallons of water to participants.

181,239 people have finished Grandma's Marathon since it started.

100,000 dollars worth of prize purses are awarded to the top finishers in the full marathon.

18,491 people in all will participate in one of the three Grandma's Marathon weekend races (William A. Irvin 5K, Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, Grandma's Marathon)

8,498 people will participate in this year's Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (3,349 men, 5149 women).

7,964 people will participate in the full Grandma's Marathon. Of those, 4,433 are men and 3,531 are women.

6,000 volunteers make the weekend's events possible

5,000 pounds of Michelina's sauce is used for the all-you-can-eat spaghetti feed, complimenting 2,500 pounds of dry spaghetti noodles that are cooked up for the feed.

4,565 Minnesotans are registered for Grandma's Marathon.

873 people will represent Wisconsin this year in the full marathon.

85 is the age of the oldest runner of the full marathon. She is a Minnesota resident, traveling from Bloomington for the event.

78 is the age of the oldest male participating in the full marathon. He is traveling from Downer's Grove, IL for the event.

68 degrees is the warmest race temperature on record according to Grandma's Marathon. This temperature was hit twice; once in 2009, and the other time in 1977 for the inaugural running of the marathon

65 people will celebrate their birthday while running in one of the three weekend events, 27 in the full marathon, 34 in the half, and 4 in the 5K

(All) 50 states are represented, plus participants from the District of Columbia. Behind Minnesota and Wisconsin, Iowa (396) and Illinois (303) are the most represented states in the full marathon.

44 countries around the world are represented this year. Behind the United States (7,752 participants), Canada (72), Kenya (26), Ethiopia (17), and Mexico (12) make up the most-represented countries in the full marathon.

39 degrees is the coldest temperature recorded by Grandma's Marathon officials, happening during the 1991 race.

34 people over the age of 70 will participate in the full Grandma's Marathon. Of them, 29 are men and 5 are women.

13 is the age of the youngest runner of Grandma's Marathon, traveling from Pine River, MN for the event.


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