The Fish Heads describe their music like Rock 'N' Folk and Grass, but not any one of those in particular.

They like to do bluegrass, that's for sure and you can hear Classic Rock Like Aerosmith, Steve Miller, and AC/DC, or Classic Country like Johnny Cash, or Disco like the Bee Gees. In fact just so they don't get pigeonholed into any particular genre they also add folk, blues, Texas swing, as well as pop like Elle King and Jessie J.

The original Fish Heads are Mike Monson and Kim Curtis-Monson. Yes, they are married and have been together for more than 25 years. They play guitar, bass, mandolin, and Mike does play drum pedals. They also do most of the lead and harmony vocals. Joining them is Paul Jones on dobro, pedal steel guitar, 6 string guitar, and 5 string banjo. Mike and Kim say he carries the heavy load and can play whatever they need. 

So why do they call themselves the Fish Heads? They all have a long history of fishing in their lives. Mike and Kim grew up fishing with their folks from a very young age. Some say, they learned to fish before they could walk. They fish on Lake Superior and travel during the summer fishing and have spent time playing music at places like Isle Royale and the Apostle Islands, some say to play music, some say because they can fish as well. They also spend time on the northern Minnesota rivers with the early steelhead and fall salmon runs. Everyone involved enjoys eating the fish that Mike and Kim catch and smoke, which completes the circle. Fish, cook, eat and play music.

They do have a story they shared about playing with Charlie Daniels, well sort of. They were playing a show at the Bayfront, where Charlie Daniels was also playing. They suddenly heard fiddle in the monitors. When they looked at the sound guy he was smiling ear to ear. They saw Charlie in a baseball hat off to the side joining in.

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