Well, Duluth canceled their fireworks display so that left Superior as the closest fireworks for Sam and I.

We headed over the Blatnik bridge and saw cars everywhere. We turned in to Barkers Island and tried to find a spot in the grass to park, but nothing was doing. We decided to head in more to the island and see what we could find.

Many cars were on the side of the road, we thought if we can find an opening we will park along the side of the road. The whole way in we had encountered the Superior Police, keeping people safe, walking around to just make sure things ran smoothe.

We got down to the end of the island by Barker's Island Inn and parked in the parking lot. I thought it was going to cost us, but no one came around to collect. We made our way over to the water and sat in the grass just over the path.

Mosquitos were terrible and bit us on the legs and knuckles. I was thinking we weren't going to like this. Once the fireworks started, the bugs were gone. We enjoyed a wonderful display of lights and when it ended, we expected an hour or more to get out of the area.

We hopped in the car and from the parking lot to the Highway, to Duluth, to our home. It was 20 minutes. The police had a great way to get us moving out and moving on to the highway, moving us into the passing lane so the new cars to could in.

It was great and we were home fast and traffic moved. So, thank you Superior Police, you did a great job.

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