After another storm, it's a good time to remember to clean around your utility meters and keep them clear for readings but clear the vents too.

You probably have at least one - if not three - meters and regulators on the outside of your house that can be read for the services inside.

You should look to clear ice and snow from all of the meters around the perimeter of your house, it's especially important for the gas meter;  natural gas meters include a vent that is important to how it operates.  It also makes it easier for the meter reader and other service personnel in case they need to work on it.

Something else you really need to watch closely is to keep the vents for your clothes dryer free from snow and ice as well. Yeah sometimes it melts the snow around the vent, but that makes it easier for the lint to build up or get wet when some snow melts inside of the pipe.

Every year the utility companies remind you to do things like this but here's a good way to remember.

According to, here are some home safety tips, and from this newscast.

  • Safely clear snow away from mobile home rooftop chimneys, preferably by using a snow rake.

  • Make sure the fresh air intake pipes (typically two white plastic that comes out of the side of the home) and all exhaust vents are free from drifting snow to prevent obstructions and improper operation. When snow and ice is allowed to build up, it can become compacted and freeze causing damage.

  • Snow around fuel tanks, meters, and vents should only be removed by hand, never with a shovel or power snow removal equipment.

  • Start your snowblower and car outside your garage. They both have exhaust and venting it into an enclosed space (even if the garage door is open) may cause CO poisoning.

  • Generators need to be operated outside at all times and make sure the exhaust is clear of snow. Exhaust fumes can build up fast.

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