This is a lot to take in but it's almost inevitable in the Northland. The National Weather Service of Duluth says we should brace ourselves for more temperature swings and frost for the last week of May 2021.

If you were in town throughout the weekend of May 21st, you likely already experienced part of this. We saw a major temperature swing throughout the course of the weekend which had it feeling more like early winter at times in Duluth and Superior.

It doesn't look like that is going to be changing much as we round out the rest of the month of May. According to the National Weather Service of Duluth, more temperature swings are in the forecast for us. We should also prepare ourselves for frost. Yes, frost. Sigh!

Let's start by talking about the temperature swing. It isn't all bad! The NWS says we will see "large fluctuations" in temperature for the last week of the month. We will see the warmest temperatures to start the week, followed by cooler temperatures later in the month.

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This isn't the greatest news, considering we have a holiday weekend closing out the month. However, we are used to this kind of thing in the Twin Ports. Ha!

By the way, if you weren't in town this past weekend or you didn't step outside, below is a great example of that temperature swing we had in the Twin Ports.  

Summer is just around the corner so we just have to hang in there for a little bit longer!

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