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"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has been ordered by a judge to pony up some cash to the rental home company who was suing to evict her ... after the reality star was caught free-loading off government housing.  Amber lied about her "low-income" (she made $280K in 2010) ... which disqualified her from their subsidized government housing. Portwood must pay the company $673 within 30 days or risk further legal action.  Of course if she can't find the cash ... jail is free.




(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted heading to Kanye's Manhattan apartment, Kanye hopped out of the car with his pants down! Now, no matter what you are doing, why do you get out of the car with your pants down.






Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

HERE’S THE HOT POOP! A millionaire martial arts master who was Michael Jackson's bodyguard and confidant for years claims Jackson and Whitney Houston had a secret affair in 1991  The relationship only lasted two weeks. Whitney also had an affair with Michael's brother Jermaine, in the mid-1980s. Fiddes (the former bodyguard) also claims  that Michael Jackson was an anorexic drug addict, covered with needle marks, bald and impotent.  And he claims that he is Michael's youngest child, Blanket's, biological father. WOW! What claims! I smell a book deal coming.

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