Ted Hina What? I'll spell it out so you can say it. Hina-shevitz. Yeah, my first question was why use that name, he said, maybe it's the perfect stage name.

Once you get the name right, or you don't, the music is what speaks to you. Ted started as a piano player, then a bass player in an 80s band, many in fact. KISS was his first influence but now says that Tom Petty is the one he would most like to be like.

He says his big story was opening up for Soul Asylum at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

He's been working on some music for Jessa Roque who also goes by Gamblers Daughter. Ted joins a lot of great local musicians on a collaboration project called "Quarantine Dream".  We hope to have something released in the next 2-4 weeks, and we're going to give all the money raised to benefit to Jessa, who got cancer right when the COVID-19 stay at home decree started.

He's also been working on his album. The release show is June 11th (which will be canceled), but it's slated to be released on June 12th. Ted says he is going to start a "pre-sale", where you can just buy it now, in the next few weeks, via Bandcamp. 

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