lou reed

Posthumous Sales Skyrocket
If you've been listening to a lot more Lou Reed since hearing of the rock legend's death, you're not alone. Album sales from Reed and the Velvet Underground's catalog have spiked since he passed away on Oct. 27.
Cause of Death Confirmed
There is now a confirmation of the cause of Lou Reed’s death. It has been revealed that the Velvet Underground and solo star died at his home on Long Island yesterday (Oct. 27) of an ailment that stemmed from his recent liver transplant.
Lou Reed Dies at 71
With the passing of Lou Reed (on October 27, 2013 - due to complications from liver disease), a lot of folks in the rock world are wondering what to make of his legacy.   There are some who might ask:  Who was Lou Reed?  This question is probably valid - especially to someone who is younger than 40 …

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