A T-shirt for sale online that pays tribute to the recently departed Lou Reed is grabbing a whole lotta attention for the wrong reasons. It's not the legendary Velvet Underground frontman's photo that's sandwiched between the words "Lou Reed" and "1942-2013."

Sharp-eyed music fans -- ah, who are we kidding? Anyone who knows anything about music -- will recognize Iggy Pop on the shirt. At least it's in the same godfather-of-punk realm.

But a closer inspection of the Detroit-based Wethouse's other Etsy items reveals a Michael Jackson tribute T-shirt featuring a photo of the very-much-still-alive Prince, and another one that's described as an "Ugly Hanukkah Sweater." Clearly, the designer is in on the joke.

So if you feel like sporting an ironic (and maybe too-soon) T-shirt, or maybe just one that will elicit sneers from folks who aren't in on the joke, the handmade silver T will cost you $23.

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