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Jimmy Kimmel Shares 2016 Emmy Opening Sketch Bloopers
Despite declining ratings, this year’s Emmy ceremony went off with nary a hitch, even affording some refreshing upsets in the usual pool of repeat winners. Jimmy Kimmel too did a perfectly serviceable job keeping things moving, but naturally made a few gaffes in production of that opening ske…
Jimmy Kimmel is Officially Your 2016 Emmys Host on ABC
Seeing as the Emmy awards rotate broadcast networks from year to year, it seemed likely that Jimmy Kimmel might suit up to host the awards once the wheel landed on ABC. Good guess, everyone! The network has officially confirmed that the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host will don his tux later this year.
'Sesame Street' Goes 'True Detective' for HBO Move Parody
Sesame Street has been surprisingly bold in its choice of parody, taking on even the darkest of HBO lineups from Game of Thrones to True Blood, though True Detective might seem a step too far. Well, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and Sesame Street’s upcoming HBO move, we finally get a taste. Sesame S…
Jimmy Kimmel Creates a Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement
Lately we've seen diseases long since defeated reappearing at alarming rates.  When I was growing up I never heard about anyone getting measles, for example, and now it's coming back.  Doctors claim it's because kids are not being vaccinated, which opens the door for things …

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