Yahoo! Sports and ESPN are both reporting that Adrian Peterson is going to be a New Orleans Saint. After a humbling tour with only 3 teams the Saints made an offer. Adrian claims this team has a chance to make it to the Super Bowl, my opinion is that he had to take the best team that would pay him the most. He will apparently sign for $3 million plus incentives, much less than the $14 million he was going to earn. 

Adrian was a workhorse for the Vikings but if you think about it he has not played much over the last 4 years, with legal trouble and injuries he has lost stock with the NFL. No doubt he WAS good, but I think he overestimated his worth. He was limited in the shotgun position, not much of a pass catcher, and his production was falling off.

The Vikings first game of the year is Monday Night Football vs the New Orleans Saints, which is interesting already, with the match up of the 2009 NFC Championship. Now, with Adrian returning to Minnesota, this game might be something to watch because you know Adrian will want to show the Vikings what they lost.

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