Spring clean up!  That phrase and the resulting actions around it signal the change of the season perhaps even more-so than the forecast.  And as people start to clean-out their homes and garages, they often find items that are just too big to fit into their usual garbage dumpsters.

To alleviate the situation, the City of Superior has offered a Spring Cleanup collection for many years.  Run a staggered schedule, the month-long process gives residents a chance to clean-out their homes and enjoy the convenience of alley or street-side pickup.  This years (2020) schedule has just been released - running April 27 through May 22.

To take part in the Spring Cleanup collection, residents must have their items out to the area where their garbage is normally collected by the week that their neighborhood is scheduled.  To see that schedule, click here.

While many items fall into the category of those that will be picked up (i.e. chairs, tables, toys, lawn furniture, etc) there are regulations involved.  Click here to see the items that are not included in the pickup.

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