The annual brush pickup for property owners in the City of Superior is scheduled to start on Monday, April 29.  Similar to as they have done in years past, crews with the Public Works Department will visit and remove one brush pile per address - based on the pre-arranged schedule.

Along with the announcement of the start of the pickup process, the city is also reminding property owners about the dimension and size criteria that has been established in order to keep the process orderly.  The city has listed these criteria online for reference. 

Some of the minimum criteria include:

  • A height limit of 4-feet
  • A row length limit of 15-feet
  • A pile-depth limit of 6-feet
  • Cut-ends of trees, branches, etc should face the curb or the collection roadway

Residents that have more brush than what can fit into these listed limits is encouraged to bring it to the landfill free of charge on Saturday, April 27 or Saturday, May 4 - between 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM.  Any questions can be directed to the landfill directly:  715-398-7222.


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