Research and planning for a potential municipal fiber optic network in Superior is moving forward. A survey recently went out to all addresses in the city.  As originally reported last year, the survey is tied to potential plans to build a municipal fiber optic network.

The survey that went out last week will help organizers assess residents current access to broadband internet service, their satisfaction with that service, their thoughts and input on a potential municipal network, along with other items.  According to news reports, organizers were looking for "at least 800 survey gauge the demand for such a city-owned and operated network".  At this point "only 361 residents have completed  survey".

On the drawing board is a plan for the city to install and maintain a city-owned fiber optic network.  Once up-and-running, that network would level the playing field and - in theory - allow for more competition among providers, which would in-turn provide faster, more-economical internet service for residents of the city.  Current business models have each internet provider owning and maintaining the network necessary for the service; this limits potential competitors from getting into the market.

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Last year, the Superior City Council approved spending $18,000 on the planning phase necessary for such a system.  This survey is part of that process.

Organizers of the plan - dubbed "Connect Superior") say that the cost-savings for customers alone could be significant.  They suggest that the average customer could expect to see their monthly internet costs cut by 30%, while increasing the speed and stability of that service.

To learn more about the plan and to take the survey, click here.

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