Here's a great idea and a way for staff-short businesses to reach potential employees here in the Northland:  The Superior Senior High School is making plans to host its first ever Job Fair.

Unlike other job fairs, this one will be directly aimed at the teenage students who are currently attending the school. Contrary to other "more public" job fairs, this particular event will allow businesses to directly reach out to school age teenagers who are looking for part time, seasonal, summer, or even full time after graduation jobs and careers.

The event being scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 from 3:30 PM until 5:30 PM.  Organizers plan to hold the Job Fair in the Commons and Library area.

In advance of the Job Fair event, school officials are reaching out to Northland businesses who might have staffing needs that could be filled by this demographic.  The School District of Superior Transition Program has posted details about the event on their Facebook page.

Business owners and managers who are interested in taking part can fill out a survey and register in advance online to get their space booked.  The school is letting them know that they will have tables and chairs available, but they're asking the businesses to bring their own "signage, materials, etc" that they'll need.

Superior High School - Superior School District in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

That survey and registration is short, and asks the most-basic of questions.  However, the details provided will allow the school to promote the businesses participation in advance of the actual Job Fair on April 12.

The School District of Superior Transition Program aims to help students and families as they get ready to graduate.  The organization acts as a clearing house "about transition activities, events, and information".

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