The COVID-19 Pandemic made sure that the 2019-2020 school year went down as one to remember for all time.  But what about the upcoming year that starts this fall?

The Superior School Board is planning to solicit input parents about what a return to school could look like in September. That input would come as a result of a short survey that the district will me emailing parents of currently-enrolled students; an online version on the school districts website will also be made available.

The survey will ask questions about whether or not parents intend to send their kids back to the classroom this fall if the building was opened for in-place learning.  There are also a variety of questions about internet access at home, busing, and other topics.  Added together, this information will help shape and direct the course of action that the Superior School District takes this coming fall.

School officials are quick to point out that the survey is an important first-step in the process.  The information obtained from parents will be weighed against recommendations from state and federal authorities, health officials, faculty, and staff.  The school district has already surveyed staff members about the way the currently-ending school year proceeded and what they would like to see implemented for the next one.

According to news sources, Superior District Administrator Amy Starzecki wants to have plans in place for any scenario that plays out between now and the start of the school year.  The administrator recognized that the COVID-situation is still very much in flux, and that it's important to have options ready:  "Ultimately, we will be asking all families to complete it as it will help us plan."

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