At the same time that the demand and need is at an all-time high, the Superior School District has a difficult time finding qualified candidates to apply for their social worker positions.  Just as frustrating:  Wisconsin social worker requirements usually leave otherwise-qualified Minnesota candidates behind.

In an effort to shore up the professional help at the school, the district is leading the cause for change. Superior School officials are pushing the state to allow the transfer of license between the two states; i.e. if you're qualified to serve as a social worker in Minnesota, you would be qualified to serve as one in Wisconsin.

The heart of the difference between the states is the additional requirements brought on by the State of Wisconsin.  According to sources, a social worker practicing in a Minnesota school must have their social work degree and a license for the state.  In Wisconsin, those same requirements stand as the threshold, but they must also have a masters degree from a school social worker preparatory program; that program is only available from three different Wisconsin universities:  Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee.

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