Northlanders rallied around a necessary school resource that was suffering the effects of the pandemic.  As we reported last month, the Superior School District's Angel Fund had seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of donations it had received in 2021.  While donations are still needed, welcome, and accepted by the school, it appears that the situation is getting better.

School officials are reporting that during the month of December, more than $6,250 worth of donations targeted to towards the Angel Fund were received.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall] "[t]here were nine large donations of $250 or more" that totaled that dollar amount.

But it didn't end there.  According to Superior School District Administrator Amy Starzecki "[t]his is only the donations to the Angel Fund that are $250 or more.  We received many, many more donations in addition to this."

Superior Middle School sign - Superior School District in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

School officials had been concerned about the way that donations to the Angel Fund has seemingly dried up over the past year as the pandemic continued.  When the program originally started in 2018, donations for the year were $1,520.  That grew to $7,420 in 2019 and $10,650 in 2020.  However, when reported last month (in December), total donations for 2021 were only at $2,660. And, that low number was especially troubling as the need for the use of those funds was greater than any year in the past.

The Angel Fund is used by Superior School officials to help students in need, covering expenses and providing financial support for a variety of school-related items - "everything from overdue lunch balances and field trip costs to course fees and calculators".  It has also been used to buy warm winter clothing (when needed) for elementary school students, gym shoes, food assistance, activity fees, "an SD card for a student in digital photography class", even "scrubs for a student in a CNA class".

Donations are still being accepted and are very welcome and needed.

If you'd like to donate there are two main ways to do that: either by dropping off the donation as a check made out to 'Angel Fund' at the district headquarters: 3025 Tower Avenue or by visiting the website: Questions can be directed to 715-394-8738.

Official approval of the funds is on the agenda docket for the upcoming meeting of the Superior School Board on January 11.

Superior Middle School - Superior School District in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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