Superior High School officials are doubling-down on their new graduation requirements even as they run counter to what COVID-19 protocols and restrictions might recommend.  As reported last week, the districts redesigned senior project will now see students in all grades - 9 through 12 - required to canvas the community, obtain mentors to work with, and volunteer service hours in order to get their degree.

News sources are reporting that the students at Superior Senior High will volunteer "roughly 11,500 hours of service learning into the community this school year (2020-2021)" with the new plans in place.  While that would normally be seen as a win-win situation for both the students and the Northland community, many parents and students are concerned about the prudency of mandating the person-to-person contact in the midst of a global pandemic.  Social media has been rife with discussion of the issue at hand.  There are also concerns about the increased stress and pressure caused by the rigid requirements that are being introduced while everyone (students, parents, and teachers) is navigating through what could be called at best a "trying" school year.

To be fair, school officials are touting the fact that the senior project requirements could be performed using virtual methods.  News reports also share that each individual project will be "tweaked for safety".  All final presentations will be performed virtually for the safety of the students and the faculty even if the student performed their service learning hours face-to-face.

The new graduation requirements were approved by school officials before the COVID-19 Pandemic started. As developed, the program does create a real-life skills that could prove useful for the students in the real world after they graduate.

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