A concession to the COVID-19 Pandemic looks like it'll become a permanent option.  After offering a virtual learning option to it's students for half of the last (2019-2020) and all the current (2020-2021) school years, the Superior School District has announced that they will offer virtual learning for the upcoming school year (2021-2022) that starts this fall; additionally, this virtual option will also be offered for the foreseeable future.

According to information released by the Superior School District, the virtual learning option would look like this:

  • Enrolled students would receive live, online instruction five days a week - with some additional independent learning.
  • The grading would meet the district's "Standards-Based Curriculum" standards and would be administered by teachers from the Superior School District.
  • Important elements of the learning plan would still be offered - even in the virtual setting. "K-5 students will have access to art, music, and phy ed instruction".
  • Virtual students would also have access to support services.  Special Educators, Counselors, and Related Service Providers would be a part of the package.
  • Technology is included.  Enrolled students would be given "District devices" and would have access to tech-support.
  • Even though students would be enrolled virtually, they would be able to participate in on-site extra-curricular activities.

While the virtual option was born out of necessity and may have seemed like something that was a "patch" to carry-out education while the pandemic necessitated staying home, it became a powerful option for many students and many families.  Some students excelled at the chance to learn from home - outside of the usual classroom setting.

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The Superior School District offers that the Virtual Option is ideal for students who "enjoy online learning".  There are a few qualifications in place that must be met.  Students:

  • Must be currently enrolled in or reside within the borders of the Superior School District.
  • Must be committed to attending live teaching sessions and have independent skills or caregiver support in time management.
  • Will follow the district's student handbook, policies, and academic calendar.

More details about the Virtual Option and a link to enroll are available on the district's website.  Click here.

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