The Superior School District has decided to remove the fees for the Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered to students effective this school year.  The move is aimed at removing any barriers that existed for students in the past. The fee has been $94.00.

The district has always paid the fees for students who achieved high scores on their final tests.  The way the program worked before was - all families paid the $94.00 fee up front at the beginning of school in the fall of the year. If the student achieved a score of 3 or better on their final tests, the Superior School District refunded that fee back to the family in the spring. Many saw that system as unfair - suggesting that if the district paid the fees for some students it should pay them for all.  This move by the school board removes that divergence in action.

According to news sources, the Advance Placement course work is popular with Superior students.  During the last school year, "267 students took a total of 347 AP courses, roughly 20% of the school population".  For the 2020-2021 school year, that number rose by more than 100 students.  Some of the increase is attributable to an effort made by the district to promote the program.  School officials made a focused effort to share details about the program.  Those efforts paid off as information released by the school district shows that "396 students signed up to take 483 classes" for 2020-2021.

The district hopes that those numbers will only go up now that the associated fees have been removed.  Making the courses gratis removes any economic roadblocks.

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