The official motto of the Superior School District is "In Superior, ALL means ALL...every student, every day!".  That motto is currently being put to the test with a showdown over 5th Grade curriculum plans.

At issue is a unit that gets taught to 5th Graders as part of the Human Growth and Development Curriculum.  As part of the subject matter, the teen and eleven-year-old students are shown "two videos and a slide show that discusses gender identity".

Some parents objected. Those objections were elevated to school administrators.

According to KBJR 6, "a group of about 20 parents from five of the six elementary schools in Superior filed a complaint".  That complaint initiated a review board, comprised of district officials (administrators, councilors, staff, teachers) who gave review to the complaint from the parents.

The official verdict came from Superior School District Superintendent Amy Starzecki; the gender-identity curriculum would remain in place for the 5th Grade level.  However, an "opt-out" option was added for parents who objected to their children being present in the classroom where that subject matter was taught.

Unsatisfied with the result, the original group of parents who filed the complaint entered an appeal to the Superior School Board - to have them review the matter.  That review started with the school board meeting that was held on August 8.

A "record-crowd" of community members was in attendance at that meeting; they ran the gamut of supporters, objectors, and politically-minded individuals.

Those who spoke - from both sides of the issue - were passionate about their views.

One member of the community who attended the school board meeting - and voiced his opinion - was City of Superior Mayor Jim Paine.  Paine spoke in favor of keeping the gender-identity curriculum in place for  5th Graders:

"What I'm asking of you tonight is don't let them down.  Do the work for them that they're asking of you because I promise you they won't let you down, so on their behalf I'm asking you to reject this petition tonight."

As far as action taken - there wasn't any.  The Superior School Board members decided that more conversation and review was needed before any decision could be made.  Their intent is to have another meeting - gathering supporters and opponents - for more discourse on the matter.  No date has been established for that future meeting at this time.

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