Something you probably don't even think about is the recent target for thieves in Superior.  The Superior Police Department is warning individuals that prowling theives have been stealing the catalytic converters off of parked vehicles - often without a clue to the theft left behind.

According to news sources, there have been 15 reports of catalytic converter thefts so far in 2020.  Four of those cases occurred during the month of July - which is only half over.

It seems that the demand for the car part is demand-based.  Prices are currently pretty high for the precious metals that catalytic converters are made from.  Rebuilding centers and recycling centers are paying top-dollar for the used car parts.  It often doesn't matter where the used catalytic converters are sourced from - the recycling centers usually don't have a clue that the parts have been stolen.

Preventing a stolen catalytic converter can be difficult.  While parking your vehicle inside of a garage is the safest and most-obvious choice, many people don't have easy access to a garage - leaving them to park and leave their vehicle on the street.  It doesn't take much effort or time for a would-be thief to use a smaller-sized power saw to cut the catalytic converter off of the vehicle.

So if you don't have access to indoor parking or a garage - what can you do to keep your vehicle and its catalytic converter safe?  Try parking under street light or in a well-lit yard or driveway.  Any amount of security you take can help prevent yourself from being a victim of a crime.

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