The effort to move broadband and internet framework to the city - similar to a utility - and create a marketplace that encourages competition and lower prices has made another step forward in Superior.  Superior's Finance Committee has voted to approve the finances needed to develop a plan for a municipal fiber optic network.  The move directs the City of Superior's initial outlay of $18,000.

As reported earlier, the progressive plan would move the onus and costs associated with building and maintaining internet access from the individual marketplace to the city - similar to the way that there is a municipal natural gas or water system.  Currently, any prospective internet provider would need to create a delivery network, make the individual connections, and maintain it for the future.

Similar programs in other parts of the country offer significant cost savings for customers.  According to news sources, residents in a city in Idaho saw their monthly costs drop from $93.00 a month to less than $50.00 - and with better, higher-speed access.


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