The Superior Man Triathlon happens Sunday, August 28 in Duluth and the event will bring with it road closures and traffic changes to accommodate.  Most of the action will happen in the Harbor and Bayfront areas and on London Road during the early-morning hours starting at 6:30 AM.

According to the City of Duluth, drivers should be aware of the following:

Boat traffic in the harbor area and the roads behind the DECC will be limited, starting at 6:30 AM as participants are being dropped off.

Between 7:00 and 7:30 AM, athletes will return to the back of the DECC and get on bicycles to travel through the Bayfront Area, using 5th Avenue West (which is already closed) to 1st Avenue West - to Michigan Street, Superior Street, London Road, and the Highway 61 Expressway to Two Harbors.  Once the participants reach Two Harbors, they will return to Duluth via the Scenic Highway - following the same route through town back to the DECC.

From 7:30 AM onward, drivers can expect closures on the following roads:

  • Railroad Street - from 5th Avenue West to the Pier B Complex
  • Railroad Street - westbound lane only - from Harbor Drive to 5th Avenue West
  • Michigan Street - from 1st Avenue West to Superior Street
  • Superior Street - from 3rd Avenue East to 8th Avenue East
  • Superior Street - from 8th Avenue West to 10th Avenue Est - will be open to westbound traffic only
  • London Road - from 10th Avenue East to 12th Avenue East
  • 21st Avenue East - from London Road to Water Street - will have only the up-bound land available for traffic.  The down-bound lane will be restricted to bicycles.  Officers will be stationed there to direct traffic up and down 21st Avenue East
  • The Fitger's Inn and Fitger's Ramp will be accessible from westbound Superior Street only.  When crossing the race course, bikers will have the fight of way.
  • The parking lot next to VaBene Cafe will be open and accessible from westbound Superior Street at 8th Avenue East.

Other considerations to keep in mind:

  • Freeway ramps at 21st Avenue East and I-35 will be closed.  However, the 26th Avenue East ramps will remain open.
  • I-35 ramps on 5th Avenue West will be affected.  The northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp will remain open.
  • The Great Lakes Aquarium will continue to have access via the lot at 5th Avenue West.  However, that roadway will be closed to traffic from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
  • Pier B will be accessible from Garfield Avenue to Railroad Street.