Plans are in the works to replace an aging ladder-style fire truck with a lease instead of a purchase in the City of Superior. The Finance Committee gave the nod to the move, sending it on to the City Council for action.

The move is simple cost-savings over a ten-year time period.  According to news sources, a new fire truck would set the city back "around $1.1 million".  Estimated costs per year for the lease are  $124,391.  Compare that to the $120,000 the city annually budgets for and the savings start to show up.  In addition, Enbridge contributes $7,500 for fire service to the city each year - driving the savings of leasing up.

The lease will be taken up by the Superior City Council at their next meeting - which is scheduled to be held May 5.  At this point, some of the councilors have come out in support of the lease move.

The current ladder-style fire truck that will be replaced has served Superior for the last 15 years.   If the city does end up leasing a new model, they would have the option of buying it for $1.00 at the end of the 10-year term.

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