Patrons who normally use (or count on) the Wi-Fi access at the Superior Public Library - take note:  The Library has expanded the range of their signal to serve those who need it during Wisconsin's Safer At Home order.

According to a post on their social media, the library is allowing the general public to access the internet from the comfort of their own vehicles:

As a service to our patrons during the closure, we've expanded the range of our WiFi access beyond the building. The signal now extends throughout the parking lots. We hope this will be helpful to anyone who needs to get online. The network is "Superior_Library_WiFi" and there is NO password required.

For many, the access that the library provides to the internet is a game-changer.  People use the library's computers to check email, apply for jobs, and stay in touch with family and friends.  This expanded Wi-Fi range - to cover the parking lot - allows access even as the doors are shut at the library due to the state shutdown.

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