Property owners in Superior who still owe unpaid utility charges are approaching two deadlines that they may want to know about.  By law, all unpaid city utility charges get turned over to Douglas County for eventual placement on the property tax bill for the parcel in question.

Once per year, the City of Superior turns over any unpaid utility charges to be assessed against the property taxes due for a homeowner.  According to details released by the city, the assessment period for 2021 is "generally from July 2020 to June 2021".

The deadline to avoid paying the 10% late fee penalty has already passed.  As of November 1, the City of Superior added that 10% late fee to all delinquent utility charges that still remained on each account.

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To avoid the utility charges and the 10% late fee being passed along to Douglas County to be assessed against the property taxes, here are the upcoming deadlines you'll want to know about:

  • November 12, 2021:  This is the date that full payment to your account - including the 10% penalty - must be received by in order to avoid having the charges assessed against your property.  Payments received after Friday, November 12 will be applied against current unpaid balances.
  • November 15, 2021:  This is the date that all delinquent balances are turned over by the city to Douglas County.  At that time, they are removed from the city billing system.  No payments will be accepted by the City of Superior's Finance Department for any past due balances.  Delinquent balances after this date can only be paid on your property taxes.

Any additional questions can be directed at the City of Superior Utility Billing Department:  815-395-5833.

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