The Superior Police Department took action on a phoned-in report of an active shooter on the campus of the Superior High School on March 23. A member of the department received the call just after the school day had started - before 9:00 AM.

Upon receiving the call, the Superior Police took "immediate action", conducted a thorough search of the facilities, and determined that there "wasn't any danger to the schools or an active threat to student safety". Following their investigation, the all-clear was given for the school day to resume its normal course.

According to details share by the School District of Superior, it appears that the call originated from outside of the United States, and shares the characteristics of other similar calls other schools around the state and the country have been receiving. These "internet-based calls" are what authorities refer to as 'swatting', which is defined as "the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address".

As always, safety of students, staff, and the community is what drives the actions the school district and the police take in these situations. Superior School District Administrator Amy Starzecki explains:

"We take any reports of potential threats seriously.  We are making every effort to maintain an environment where students and staff feel safe. We want to continue encouraging our students and school community to report anything that could threaten school safety".

Similar to what occurs in other communities, 'swatting' threats create an atmosphere of fear, distress, and place a burden on emergency service resources.

School District Of Superior
School District Of Superior

In the letter shared by the District about the incident on March 23, Starzecki offered her assurances that school officials take each one of these situations seriously:

"The School District of Superior understands the anxiety a situation like this can cause for the families, students, staff, and community. Please know that the District's top priority is our students and staff's safety and well-being. Superior Schools would like to thank the Superior Police Department for its support, communication, and partnership this morning."

As part of their "See Something Say Something" initiative, the School District of Superior takes all suggestions of violence seriously. All questions should be directed at the District's office:  715-394-8700.

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