The voters will decide the issue of what form of government they way - that was the result of the Superior City Council meeting held Tuesday, January 8.  Tensions and discussions were intense over the resolution to drop the mayoral position from full time to part time, while hiring a full time City Administrator.  The end result will place that ultimate decision to voters in Superior on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

A variety of Superior citizens - along with speakers from out of town - made their case.  Most of the residents who lived and paid taxes in the city came down in favor of leaving the mayoral job as a full time position; the majority of voices heard that were in opposition to the move cited the lack of accountability and representation it would create.

According to news reports, one person who spoke in favor of the move was current Hibbing, Minnesota Mayor Rick Cannata; Hibbing's form of government includes a City Administrator - while his role is part time.  However, even Cannata admitted that while his is a part time role, he is always "on" as the mayor - representing the city full time while he is paid for a part time role.

The resolution now moves to the ballot as a referendum vote which will occur during the general election, scheduled for Tuesday November 3.

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