Many residents who have lived in Superior for any number of years might remember when the city cleared the snow from sidewalks after winter storms.  After ditching the service a couple of decades ago, a new round of talks might resurrect it.

Recently, the Public Works Department held an initial round of talks to debate the feasibility of resuming the snow removal.  At this point there appears to be a lot of positive reaction to the proposal; the only caveat is how it would be paid for.  According to news sources, estimates on the annual cost put range north of $1 million.  Complicating the process is the fact that Wisconsin law prohibits new city fees without a reduction in the property tax levy; simply put - the city can't just raise property taxes to pay for the new service.

So far there has been no official action put forward on the conversation; however - the general consensus seems to be that the city's elected officials would like to find a way to make the service available again.

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