The Superior City Council recently adopted changes to the Code of Ordinances which  makes it costly to miss the deadline for license renewals.  At their meeting on November 2, the council passed the issue which tacks on a step-oriented late fee schedule to all licenses issued by the Superior City Clerk's Office. Some of those fees could get expensive.

The late fees start as early as 5 days after the initial due date.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram [pay wall], "[a]fter a five-day grace period, the city will add a late fee of 50% of the cost of the license to the renewal charge." The fee is meant to move the dial on the renewal process.

If the license still hasn't been renewed 15 business days later, "another 50% of the license cost will be added, which means the cost of the license would double".

The late fees are an effort to cut down on the mess that's often left for the clerks office at the end of each year.  Efficiency is the key.   Superior City Councilor Craig Sutherland explains:

"What we found out is that at the end of the year, our City Clerk's Office is tracking down businesses that are not filling out their renewals in time.  It becomes a headache."

Business owners and license holders will be notified of the fee changes with the renewal notices that will be mailed out towards the end of November.  Those licenses would be due by January 1, 2022.

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According to the Telegram, "[t]he new policy does not apply to liquor licenses which already had an established $120 late fee".

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