One of the questions created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling that struck down the Safer at Home Order was how that would affect churches; the same notice that closed down bars, restaurants, and so-called "non-essential businesses" in March also shuttered the states churches - due to social distancing and capacity concerns.  Since the decision on May 13 to overturn that order - allowing non-essential businesses to re-open - many have wondered what that means for churches.

The answer - at least for Superior Catholics - came from Bishop Jim Powers this morning.  In a letter posted on the Diocese of Superior's website, Bishop Powers shared that the Diocese "will not be making any changes at this time."

In the letter, Bishop Powers shares that he is working closely with the other four Bishops in Wisconsin to formulate plans on how to re-open, what precautions would be needed in regards to attendance numbers and health concerns.

As far as a timeline when Superior Catholic Churches would be reopening, the Bishop said that he would "be reassessing the situation daily as the State of Wisconsin and our local governments determine the new Covid19 rules".

The Diocese of Superior has jurisdiction over 16 counties in northwestern Wisconsin, with 105 parishes.  The episcopal see is located in Superior with the Bishop's cathedra at Cathedral of Christ the King - located on Belknap Street.

Locally in Superior, there are five Catholic parishes - with Holy Assumption, St. Anthony-Allouez, St. Anthony-Lake Nebagamon, St. William, and the aforementioned Cathedral of Christ the King operating as a cluster, along with St. Francis.

Read the Bishops complete letter by clicking here.

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