The plan to create the infrastructure needed to offer broadband access as a utility - and save customers money - is taking its next step in Superior; the city is asking residents to take a seven question survey which will help collect the feedback needed to advance the project to the next level. We first reported about this development back in early January.

An explanation of the plan and a request for people to take the survey came from Superior Mayor Jim Paine. In a letter issued on February 25, Paine outlines the benefits of providing city infrastructure so that companies could competitively offer broadband service on a city-managed fiber optic network.  According to organizers, not only would there be a potential cost savings but the level-playing field would also encourage improvements in service speed.

The survey is quick (just seven questions - estimated to take less than 3 minutes) and doesn't ask for a lot of personal information; the survey does ask for respondents street address and email address. Click here to take part.

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