A popular historical tourist attraction in Superior will receive its share of tax-related funding for at least one additional year.  Similar to its relationship over the last two decades, the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center will receive a financial allotment from the City of Superior.

The measure passed approval from the Superior Tourism Development Commission at their meeting on June 24.  A grant in the amount of $164,243 was passed, according to the story details shared by the Superior Telegram [paywall].

Superior Mayor Jim Paine offered his thoughts on the center receiving financial dollars from the city; he sees the relationship as a win-win for both:

"They [the Bong Veterans Historical Center] are very much at the forefront of tourism.  A majority of their guests are from out of town.  They engage in out-of-town advertising.  They host our visitor's center, which takes up a significant amount of their space, and I think most of their expenses. The actual nature of their museum is a known tourist draw."

The funding will come from the City of Superior's hotel/motel tax.  "In 2012, the city council increase the lodging tax by 1.5% to provide additional funding for the Bong Center and city museums".

All parties involved in the decision making process agreed that city funding for the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center makes sense.  Mayor Paine offered "To me, it checks all the boxes of the law, and we have a tradition of funding it.  For that reason I support funding this grant".

The approval vote by the Superior Tourism Development Commission advances the issue to the Superior City Council.  The council take up a final vote on the measure at their meeting scheduled for July 5.

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