A Super One Foods location in the Twin Ports is getting a new look for 2019  and some new services.  Towards the end of last year, rumors started to circulate about changes coming for the Oakes Avenue location in Superior (the store that's just off the Bong Bridge viaduct) and recent signage in the store and a social media post have confirmed it; the store will see a new aisle layout, movement for some of the departments, and the addition of an Ace Hardware store.

Looking at the blueprints, it appears that the deli department and the check out lanes will be the only part of the store not touched after it's all said and done.  Those plans also confirm the reduction in bakery shelf space and the removal of the in-store bakery.

This particular store was remodeled a little over five years ago, during the period when Super One remodeled many of their Northland stores.

Super One Foods is a locally-owned and business that got its start back in the early 1940's.  Currently, they operate 3- stores across the Northland.  Seven of those stores exist in Duluth and two are presently open in Superior.

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